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BRUT Collection

We, the people behind Axis would like to introduce to you our new line of sunglasses. Our company was founded in 2015 in order to bring innovation into the world of eyewear and to offer our customers unique, quality products. Our first concept works have been rewarded with the industry's most prestigious awards, and from this year on you can enjoy our new 'Brut' collection.


Brut not only provides a unique aesthetic appearance but also innovative solutions in production. The frame and the temples are constructed of laser-sintered nylon. As a result of this process no material excess is produced, as the leftover nylon powder can be reused in the production of the next element.


The frame's modular system makes customization, fast assembly and easy repair possible. The  hinges, the laser-sintered frame and the modular system are all concepts that simultaneously provide a promising future for environmentally friendly production and unique appearance.

Design Awards